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Video Optical Converters   Multi-channel Video Digital Fiber-optic System is a multi-function product which based on highly reliable large-scale specialized ICs designed by ourselves. Taking use of high speed multiplex/de-multiplex technologies, it supports 1~16-CH high quality video, 1~8-CH 2-way CD quality audio, 1~8-CH bi-directional asynchronous data, 1-7 CH contact closure and 1-CH 10/100M self-adaptive Ethernet data real-time transmission over just 1 SM fiber, It is suitable for complex application.

Fiber Optic Media Converters   Media converters make the critical connection between different types of cabling media, extending transmission distances well beyond the capabilities of twisted pair wiring, and ensuring seamless integration of new fiber-based equipment in legacy networks

Single/Multi Mode Converters   Single/Multi Mode converter
It is to fulfill optical signal transparent transmission through medium between single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber, or it can also extend single-mode transmission distance, according to any agreement between different dates.

Phone Fiber Optic Multiplexers   The telephone portion of the multiplexer converts a standard loop start 4~192 telephone circuit to light signals for transmission over fiber optic cable.
It support FXO、FXS、2~4*EM、2~4*Audio、RS232、V.35、1~3E1、Ethernet port、Magneto Telephone.
It support CID(Caller Identification)、Fax function.

Industrial Ethernet Switches   The HS-230 series of industrial Ethernet switches are entry-level industrial 5-port Ethernet switches that provide an economical solution for your industrial Ethernet connection, support IEEE802.3/802.3u/802.3x. Dustproof and full close structure and the IP30 case with LED indicators make the plug-and-play IES205 switches easy to use and reliable. These switches have been designed for harsh industrial environments.

PDH Multiplexers   PDH Multiplexer is a kind of point-to-point optical transmission equipment. It can multiplex 4/8/16/20*E1 and 1*RS232 1*Ethernet signals in 1-2 fiber channel to transmit. The whole equipment is reliable,stable,easy to install and maintain.

Fiber Modems   Translate E1/V.35/ 10/100Base-T Ethernet /RS232/RS485/RS422 signal to single or multi mode fiber,transmission rate from 64Kbps to 2,048Kbps.

Optical Fiber Cables   There are various types of optical fiber cable for your chioce.

Optical Accessories   There are many optical accessories to meet your requirements .

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