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Pre_Sales Questions

There are 13 basic questions that typically need to be answered to help our sales team find the best product for you:

1.What is the system topology?
(e.g. point-to-point, bus/string, ring, self-healing ring...)

2.Transfer what singnal with what kinds of system?
(e.g. Ethernet , voice,video,data,E1 ,through FIBER OPTIC line OR SDH/PDH OR Ethernet )

3.What type of fiber optic cable are you going to use?
(e.g. multimode 850nm, 1300nm; single mode 1300nm, 1550nm...)

4.What type of fiber optic connector are you using?
(e.g. ST, FC, SC, SMA...)

5.How many fibers are between devices?
(e.g. One - Simplex Transmission; One - Duplex Transmission; Two - Duplex Transmission; Three/RGB...)

6.What is the distance between the devices you are connecting?
(e.g. 2 kilometers, 20 kilometers...)

7.What type of Electrical Interface are you using?
(e.g RS-232, RS-366, RS-422, RS-449, RS-485 2-wire or 4-wire, RS-530, V.35, T1, E1, AUI, UTP/10BaseT, BNC/10Base2, Audio - 600 ohm, Video...)

8.What is your device type?
(e.g. DTE or DCE)

9.What is the transmission rate do you require?
(e.g. 19.2 Kbps, 56 Kbps, 1.544 Mbps...)

10.What fiber optic loss budget do you require?
(Total of connector loss & attenuation plus safety margin [3dB] for a given fiber optic link). Typical loss budget for a device would be 17dB, 20dB, 25dB...)

11.What type of power source do you require?
(e.g. 12VDC, 24VDC, -48VDC, 115VAC, 230 VAC...)


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