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8E1/100Base_T Converter

    HS-CON Series CON208 Converter is the most newly promoted product that can convert 1-8E1 to 100Base-TX or 10Base-T Ethernet,and vice versa.This protocol converter can extend the bandwidth to 16.384Mbps. It not only provide completed indicators to show the status and alarm messages of the E1 line and Ethernet port, but also support BER Stat. of E1 and flow Stat.of Ethernet port. It is widely used in two LAN connecting, remote monitor and video broadcasting.


  • Compatible with ITU-T G703, G704 and G823
  • Support 10Base-T, 100Base-TX protocol
  • 1024 pieces of MAC address list and with address filter function
  • Enable any group of CH1-CH8 E1 channel to transmit the data optionally
  • Extend the bandwidth to 16.384Mbps when using 4E1 channels
  • Support auto-inspection of effective E1 channel without interruption of data transfer.
  • Cut off the E1Channel automatically  when it has LOS and AIS alarm, and inform the remote end simultaneously.
  • Support remote E1 Loop function
  • 75ohm unbalanced E1 channel impedance
  • RS232 port for management, one software can manage up to 256 pieces of device
  • Internal power supply, AC160V-260V or DC –48V optional
  • E1 Port
    Bit rate: 2.048Mb
    Line code: HDB3
    Standard: in accordance with ITU-T G.703, G.704
    Connector: BNC connector, line impedance 75ohm
    Number of E1: 4
    Jitter Performance: compatible with G.742 and G.82
  • Ethernet Port
    Data Rate: 10/100Mbps
    Standard: Compatible with IEEE802.3
    Connector: RJ45
    Number of Ports:1 port
    Auto-adaption with half/full duplex
  • Dimension:440mm(W)*160mm(D)*44mm(H)


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