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HS-OPTEL08 8CH Phone Fiber Mux

       HS-OPTEL Series slot Phone fiber mux is an optical transmission equipment ,it can realize long-distance voice transmission through fiber. The equipment adopt the design of super large scale integrated circuit , its outward appearance is succinct. For its merits, it is easy to install and debug ,nedds little maintenance ,and has steady performance .


 The telephone portion of the multiplexer converts a standard loop start 4~192 telephone circuit to light signals for transmission over fiber optic cable.

 It support FXO¡¢FXS¡¢2~4*EM¡¢2~4*Audio¡¢RS232¡¢V.35¡¢1~3E1¡¢Ethernet port¡¢Magneto Telephone.

 It support CID(Caller Identification)¡¢Fax function.

HS-OPTEL Series slot Phone fiber mux is an optical transmission equipment ,it can realize  long-distance voice transmission through fiber. The equipment adopt  the design of super large scale integrated circuit , its outward appearance is succinct. For its merits, it is easy to install and debug ,nedds little maintenance ,and has steady performance .




1.1 Advantages

      a)Abundant interface varieties, convenient for the reception of multiplex service;
      b)Voice interface with caller ID and counter-pole signal;
      c)Optional optical transmission interface,connect directly to optical fiber;
      d)Perfect status display function, easy to maintain;
      e)Small bulk, attractive appearance, convenient for  installation and operation.


1.2 Environmental requirement
      operating temperature£º             0¡æ¡«40¡æ
      relative humidity£º                  ≤90%£¨25¡æ£©


1.3 power supply
      input voltage£º                   -48V (-36V¡«-72V)
      input current£º                               £¼1A  


2¡¢Technical index

 2.1 optical interface parameter
  Optical wavelength£º850/1310nm for multi-mode fiber, 1310/1550nm for single-mode fiber.
      Optical interface£º   SC/FC
      Transceiver module£º>-6dBm
      Optical receiver sensitivity£º<-36(BER<10)
      Receive range£º>-30dB
      Transmission distance£ºmulti-mode 2 Km,
single-mode 40 Km, single-mode 80 Km,single-mode 120 Km
      Jitter tolerance£ºaccording with G.742 and G.823.
      2Mb/s interface(6*2M)
      Standard E1 interface in conformity with ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.712 
      a)Bit rate£º                          2048Kbps±50ppm  
      b)code pattern£º                         HDB3  
      c)interface impedance£º                75Ω   


2.2 User and loop interface
      a)impedance£º                         200Ω+680Ω||0.1μF
      b)insertion loss£º                      -3±0.75dB  
      c)frequency characteristic£º      300¡«3400Hz(-0.6¡«+3dB) 
      d)cacophony£º                         ≤63.7dBmop  cacophony
      e)crosstalk attenuation£º           ≥65dB  
      f)loop impedance£º                   ≤1800Ω


2.3 Two/Four line  acoustic frequency interface
      a)impedance£º                                600Ω
      b)Four line AD gain£º                     14dB£¨factory adjustable£©
      c)Four line DA gain£º                     -2 dB£¨factory adjustable£©
      d)Four line AD frequency characteristic£º-0.2 - +0.2dB
      e)Four line DA frequency characteristic£º-0.2 - +0.2dB
      f)Two line AD frequency characteristic£º  -0.2 - +0.2dB
      g)Two line DA frequency characteristic£º  -0.2 - +0.2dB£¨factory adjustable£©
      h)Return loss£º                                         40dB
      i)degree of balance£º                                70dB
      j)Common  mode rejection ratio£º    70dB
      k)power rejection ratio£º                          30dB
      m)vacant channel noise£º                         ≥65dB


2.4 Two/Four line E&M interface
      a)impedance£º                                           600Ω
      b)Four line AD gain£º                              14dB£¨factory adjustable£©
      c)Four line DA gain£º                                -2 dB£¨factory adjustable£©
      d)Four line AD frequency characteristic£º  -0.2 - +0.2dB
      e)Four line DA frequency characteristic£º  -0.2 - +0.2dB
      f)Two line AD frequency characteristic£º   -0.2 - +0.2dB
      g)Two line DA frequency characteristic£º   -0.2 - +0.2dB£¨factory adjustable£©
      h)Return loss£º                                          40dB
      i)degree of balance£º                                 70dB
      j)Common  mode rejection ratio£º     70dB
      k)power rejection ratio£º                           30dB
      m)vacant channel noise£º                           ≥65dB


2.5 V.24 interface 
      a)interface type£º                        V.24 asynchronous
      b)speed£º                                   0 - 19.2Kbps


2.6 V.35 interface
      a)interface type£º                          V.35 synchronous
      b)speed£º                                 Nx64Kb/s£¨N =1-15£©
      c)timing mode£º                                DCE


2.7 10Base_T interface
      a)interface type£º                           10Base-T
      b)transmission speed£º          Nx64Kb/s£¨N = 1-15£©
      c)protocol£º                               link layer bridging


3¡¢Outline dimension

      adopt 19-inch standard casing . 
      Dimension:260mm×480mm×44mm (L×W×H)

Order Information:

Style No.



4 tel (optional 1 100Base_T Ethernet / 4*E1)


8 tel (optional 1 100Base_T Ethernet / 4*E1)


16 tel (optional 1 100Base_T Ethernet / 4*E1)


30 tel (optional 1 100Base_T Ethernet )


46 tel (optional 1 100Base_T Ethernet / 3*E1)


60 tel (optional 1 100Base_T Ethernet / 3*E1)


192 tel (optional 1 100Base_T Ethernet )

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